On top of the concerts on more traditional stages (in churches, concert halls, pubs…) Manu can also stop by at your place and give a concert in your own home for you , your friends, colleagues, neighbors… Manu could thus share and explain in a more intimate way how he was les to the cross of Jesus Christ.

“Manu’s sensitivity is to be felt when he sings about his faith i n Jesus Christ, and the audience is made to think about the reality of Christ’s footsteps in our every day lives. Through these high-quality concerts, Manu manages to express his Christian faith in a personal and genuine way”.    John Wilson, Pastor, Evangelical Baptist Church.

 “During these intimate concerts, Manu withdraws behind his lyrics and speaks to us, with gentleness but also with the firmness of his beliefs : his words are moving and give food for thought”.   Michael Demange, Agape Campus for Christ leader.

 “A high-quality repertoire given out with great generosity to those hurt by life. In the prisons, Manu sings with simplicity and conviction, sharing his assurance of having been “released on parole”.    Marylène Soler, Prison chaplain.                          



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