Manu Richerd began his first "singing exercises" when he was born in Switzerland. He then spent 15 years of his life amongst gipsy folk. It's with them that his musical culture took shape, as he was in constant contact with a violinist, a guitarist and a double bass player. He was in contact too with some gipsy pastors who sowed the gospel message in his heart but it only began to grow much later in his life. In the meantime Manu became a composer and song writer. His road crossed Francis Cabrel's, Kent's, Charlebois's, Forcioli's... But Manu’s dark and realistic songswere only the expression of his God shaped emptiness... "I spent numerous years very far from God, trying to build a future by singing, looking for glory and human value so futile, useless and fleeting... I thought I was very far from God. In fact, looking backwards, I realize He was there, at each step of my life. This is an illustration of the perfect Love of God. Our own love depends very often upon the other person’s reaction or answer. We give our love only if we are sure to have a minimum of love back, whereas God loves us in an unconditional way. I'm now conscious that this perfect and permanent love has walked along with me, has kept me while I was far away to finally bring me back home". Today the path is a new one - in fact Manu goes on with his travel but the direction is not the same one : he goes on with his everlasting Friend, with His Love, His Help, His Forgiveness...It's this Everlasting Friend who inspires his new songs.




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